International Banking and Finance in Troubled Times: Reflections from the Past

SAFE-IBF-HoF Workshop for Early Career Scholars

29. Jun 2022 (30.Juni)

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The workshop will reflect on banking and financial conditions as the world emerges from one of its greatest collective health challenges and enters a new geopolitical era in Europe. At the start of the pandemic, serious dislocation in global money markets was averted partly through central bank cooperation. Banks in many countries were then tasked with allocating funds to nurse economies through the cessation of economic activity. The recovery has been uneven and shows evidence of new strains caused by supply shocks, inflation and challenges in reorienting monetary policy. Military aggression from Russia in the Ukraine prompted sanctions focused on the global payments system. How have banking and finance coped with previous periods of crisis and recovery?


House of Finance, Campus Westend, Goethe University Frankfurt

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Programme (PDF, 163 KB)
Catherine R. Schenk - CV (PDF, 139 KB)
Presentation Daniel Dieckelmann: Beyond Boom and Bust (PDF, 456 KB)
Presentation Jiajia Liu: The Shanghai Rubber Stock Market Bubble and Crisis (PDF, 1756 KB)
Presentation Raphael Heim: The Reuter Monitor Money Rates (PDF, 1634 KB)

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