The Real Effects of Financial Crises: Past, Present, Future

26. Jan 2018


Goethe University Frankfurt

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Conference on The Real Effects of Financial Crises: Past, Present, Future (jointly organized by the House of Finance, the Research Center SAFE and the Institute for Banking and Financial History (IBF), organized by Jose Luis Peydro (ICREA, UPF and CEPR) and Hans-Joachim Voth (UZH, Goethe University and CEPR))*

The conference aims to bring together economic theorists, applied economists, and financial historians working on the real effects of financial crises. It will provide a forum for a discussion of recent research.

*in the context of the Goethe University Visiting Professorship of Financial History, currently held by Prof. Hans-Joachim Voth. The professorship is endowed by Metzler Bank and the Edmond de Rothschild Group.

Photo credit: Uwe Dettmar, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt


Registration and Coffee
Welcoming words
Michael Klaus (Partner, Metzler Bank) and Wolfgang König (Executive Director, House of Finance)
Monetary Policy and Financial Conditions: A Cross-Country Study
Tommaso Mancini (IMF) joint with Tobias Adrian (IMF), Fernando Duarte (NY Fed) and Federico Grinberg (IMF)
The Cleansing Effect of Banking Crises
Reint Gropp (Halle Institute for Economic Research) joint with Joerg Rocholl (ESMT Berlin) and Vahid Saadi (IE Business School and the Halle Institute for Economic Research)
Coffee Break
The Real Effects of Bank Distress: Evidence from Bank Bailouts in Germany
Thomas Kick (Deutsche Bundesbank) joint with Johannes Bersch (ZEW), Hans Degryse (KU Leuven) and Ingrid Stein (Deutsche Bundesbank)
Searching for Yield abroad: Risk-taking through Foreign Investment in U.S. Bonds
Stijn Claessens (BIS) joint with John Ammer (Federal Reserve Board), Alexandra Tabova (Federal Reserve Board), Caleb Wroblewski (Chicago University)
Lunch Break
Collateral Booms and Information Depletion
Luc Laeven (ECB) joint with Alberto Martin (CREI) and Vladimir Asriyan (CREI)
Financial Frictions and Employment during the Great Depression
Carola Frydman (Kellogg School of Management) joint with Efraim Benmelech (Kellogg School of Management) and Dimitris Papanikolaou (Kellogg School of Management)
From Finance to Fascism: The Real Effects of the 1931 Banking Crisis in Germany
Hans-Joachim Voth (University of Zurich) joint with Sebastian Doerr (University of Zurich), Stefan Gissler (Federal Reserve Board), José-Luis Peydró (University Pompeu Fabra)
Coffee Break
Asset Size Bubbles and Systemic Risk
Isabel Schnabel (University of Bonn) joint with Markus Brunnermeier (Princeton University) and Simon Rother (University of Bonn)
Bank Capital Redux: Solvency, Liquidity, and Crisis
Moritz Schularick (University of Bonn) joint with Òscar Jordà (Fed San Francisco), Björn Richter (University of Bonn) and Alan M. Taylor (University of California)
Coffee Break
Keynote Speech: Credit-driven Household Demand Channel
Atif Mian (Princeton University)
End of the conference


Room 1.811, Casino building, Campus Westend, Goethe University Frankfurt

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Program (PDF) (PDF, 349 KB)
Slides "The Cleansing Effect of Banking Crises" © Reint Gropp (PDF, 1177 KB)
Slides "The Real Effects of Bank Distress" © Thomas Kick (PDF, 1904 KB)
Slides "Searching for Yield abroad" © Stijn Claessens (PDF, 1887 KB)
Slides "Credit-driven Household Demand Channel" (© Atif Mian) (PDF, 725 KB)

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